Thursday, March 7, 2013

An interview with Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson took some time to chat on the phone with Liz Lane before his February 28 concert at Ritchie Coliseum. When asked about returning to his home state to perform for the UMD community, Hutchinson said he was excited.

Hutcinson performed at Ritchie Coliseum on February 28.
Dale and the ZDubs opened the night and students left
happy. More pictures soon to come!
"Both my parents and my brother and other family went here so I've always felt connected to the school," said Hutchinson. "I'm excited to perform for the terps."

Hutcinson grew up in Tacoma Park Md. and said there "wasn't much to do" in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

"I think that's why I started writing songs," said Hutchinson. "I like the Beatles, Elvis Costello... Michael Jackson, Billy Joel. They're masters of melody.

"What I'm trying to do is continue that tradition," said Hutcinson.

At Ritchie, Hutcinson performed many of his hits and songs from his 2012 album, "Moving Up Living Down." He also covered the classics "Play that funky music" and the Backstreet Boys 1999 staple, "I want it that way."

Judging from the screaming and lip syncing, Hutchinson's hit "Watching you watch him" was a crowd favorite. The song is one that, he said, is his favorite to sing and perform.

On his latest album, Hutcinson said he likes switching back and forth between piano and guitar- something he said is the "cool thing" about music. He likes the freedom with which it comes.

As for his favorite set of lyrics? Hutchinson said he likes "whatever I just wrote."

"As an artist, you always like whichever song is newest," he said,

Hutcinson said his favorite lyrics change every day. Right now he really likes the lyrics of his song, "Not there yet."

"I remember writing it and feeling what I felt," Hutchinson said. "I find healing every day when I sing it."


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Full Show: March 3, 2013

UMD alumn writes two novels

One University of Maryland Alumn is making headlines in a field he never thought he would make it in. Taylor Cairns sat down with Jack Downs and talked about his latest novels.

New Facebook app for hooking up

Students surf the internet-an easy way
to access the new app,  "Bang with Friends."

College students have also created something else. A new Facebook app, “Bang With Friends”, allows you to take a big leap away from “liking” or “poking” someone you’re interested in. The app was launched less than a month ago by three unidentified college-aged males and has rocketed from 20,000 users to 700,000 in just three weeks. It has made 130,000 matches and the majority of those hookups are between college students and recent graduates. Judy Nam has that story.

Students leave sickness behind with winter

Besides their Facebook hookups, students also have to worry about their health. With winter coming to an end, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself healthy with the change in temperatures. Timmy Lyles tells us more.

Mental health a focus on campus

The events around the country that are sparking the gun control debate are also bringing mental health into the debate. Maggie Bartolomeo takes us to the UMD Health Center and tells us what they do to help students.

UMD National Signing Day

The Terps hosted their National Signing Day last month and Brian Marron takes a look into what it means for the upcoming football season. 

City debates campus smoking ban

The city of College Park met to talk about the new smoking ban going in to effect very soon on campus. Brett Hall takes us to the meeting.

Senate debating sexual assault education

The University Senate is debating a sexual assault education plan and will decide in April whether to make it part of the curriculum. Our reporter Helen Okobokekeimei has the story.

No recycling from Rt. 1 favorite

While there will soon be less smoking around campus, our reporter Kristy Nguyen noticed there may be less recycling around campus than we thought. Here she is with the story on Rt. 1.