Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pride Alliance

Reporter Anastasia Champ reports  on Pride Month and how students on campus are celebrating it.

"Do Good"- Mohammed Chariff

Reporter Mohammed Chariff tells an interesting story about how some students are trying to get the campus to change for the better.

Getting Ready for Maryland Day- Renuka Tripu

Reporter Renuka Tripu reports on how the campus is preparing for their most festive day of the year!

Liz Lane- Kevin Bacon Visits UMD

Right before the Do Good Challenge started, one University of Maryland Philanthropy class got a very special visitor. News Director Liz Lane has the story.

"Generics"- Anastasia Champ

Reporter Anastasia Champ covers the Acapella group "Generics" and why Maryland students keep coming back to their concerts.

Cala Morrison- 4/20

Reporter Cala Morrison gets the student opinions on the unique day of April 20th and it's many meanings. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Doomsday Budget- Taylor Cairns

Reporter Taylor Cairns gets an inside look on what is happening with the recent tuition increases and how people are trying to fight it. 

Mychal Parker Transfers- Taylor Cairns

Reporter Taylor Cairns gets the campus' opinion on Mychal Parker, the Forward of the Men's Basketball team, and his recent declaration of transferring.