Monday, November 10, 2014

Festival of Fall

The University of Maryland knows that it is tough to be a parent of a student, and it is even tougher to be a student AND a parent. Kristine Auble tells us how the University gave back to Mothers and Fathers earning their degrees on campus.

Time to Sign Up for Spring Classes

Reporter Carly Kempler asked students around campus about the experiences with signing up for classes and the upcoming semester.

251 Express Closing

Just as quickly as students could walk into 251, grab food, and leave, the program of 251 express is now closing it's short lived existence. Anna Muckerman reports.

Marijuana legalized in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. residents will now be able to purchase marijuana legally with a proper license, and Anna Muckerman explains what this means for surrounding areas such as College Park.

Ticket Appeals

DOTS is changing their policy once again with the process of ticket appeals, and Micheala Johnson reports about the changes that you will want to hear.