Tweaking Hollywood

Tweaking Hollywood

A college guide to all things entertainment and pop culture!

On the April 15th edition of Tweaking Hollywood on WMUC News, Host Taylor Cairns breaks down the top 10 songs that should be on your summer playlist.

In the March 10th edition of Tweaking Hollywood on WMUC News, Taylor Cairns and Kris Keochinda discuss the Neilson Rating System and it's effectiveness in grading the worth of television shows, as well as parental control over shows, and whether or not the FCC ratings have helped or hindered watching TV.


Kris and Taylor discuss the best and worst book adaptation films, as well as their picks for the Oscars tonight.


In this premiere episode, Taylor and Kris look at the in's and out's of the Golden Globes and the much-anticipated return of Fall Out Boy. Also listen for a run-down of Community's premiere and a look into the final season of The Office.