Sunday, November 11, 2012

Overview of the election results

This was definitely a close race between our president and Repubican candidate Mitt Romney. Let’s hear from Katie Ghiardi about those results.

Students rally for the DREAM Act

One of the big questions on Maryland’s ballot was the DREAM Act, Question 4. Reporter Aisha Mbowe takes us to the UMD rally held in support of the referendum.

Martin O'Malley leads UMD gay marriage rally

UMD hosted a rally in favor of Question 6, or the gay marriage bill. Brett Hall takes us there as Governor Martin O’Malley kicked off the meeting.

Students may not be so informed

There was so much talk around questions 4, 6, and 7 that, perhaps many students didn’t know about the other Maryland referendums. Taylor Cairns has the story.

Election results parties were a big part of student participation. Reporter Taylor Johnson takes us to the Black Student Union viewing party.

Have Mercy talks record deals and success

Ian Bell sits down with the indie-rock band, Have Mercy. They talk about the band's new record deal and road to success.

How did Daylight Savings affect students?

Daylight Savings turned our clocks back an hour on November 4. Jasmine Cruz tells us what this day exactly means and how it affected students.

A homage to Wairimu (Nemo) Thande

The death of Wairimu Thande shook UMD, and most importantly, the friends and family that were close to her. Reporter Kristy Nguyen pays homage to the beloved student.

UMD honors veterans a week early

Reporter Shannon Wong listens to the voices of veterans during events UMD hosted last week in honor of those who served.

Local Artist Spotlight of the Week: All Time Low

All Time Low is a alternative Punk Rock band from Towson, Maryland. The bands name comes from lyrics in the song "Head On Collision" by New Found Glory, one of the bands that inspired them to become artists. All Time Low has released multiple records since their formation in 2002, with the albums receiving lots of success nationwide and 3 singles reaching the billboard top 200. All Time Low has a homecoming show at Recher Theatre on November 24th. Here with their latest single "For Baltimore" is All Time Low.

South Campus construction

Everyone who has ever had to pass through South Campus lately has noticed the construction. Scott Jones investigates.

Trash piles establish best tailgating spot

Now that football season has ended where was the best tailgating spot? Let’s hear from Maggie Bartolomeo, I think she found the answer.