Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Reporter Coverage

Hurricane Sandy coverage by our reporters from around the state, and country.

Aria Brown, a NYC native, discusses the effects of Sandy with residents of the Big Apple.

Jasmine Cruz talks to students worrying about their beach homes and not relaxing during their days off school.

Jatara McGee remembers what it was like to be across the country and needing to return to the DMV and her home town of Pittsburgh.

Scott Jones talks to Wicomico Hall residents during the leak Sandy created in their building.

Aisha Mbowe remembers the fire alarms during the storm in Cumberland and Easton halls.

Brittany Linton talks to one out-of-state UMD student. She has never experienced a hurricane before.

Katie Ghiardi talks to students about the extra feeling of safety ad security at their parents' house.

Maggie Bartolomeo reports from her own home. Her dad fears only one impact from the storm.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SEE Addresses Craig Robinson's Performance

If you watched the Fall Comedy show with Craig Robinson, you know how much of a flop that show turned out to be. SEE has finally uploaded their apology to the University, and hopes that students will continue to be active with their voices to let SEE know how they feel about what they are doing. To read the apology, click HERE . To vote for upcoming SEE events, fill out their survey HERE


Monday, October 29, 2012

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Hurricane Sandy Updates


WMUC News 8 p.m. Update:

7:30 p.m. Update from AP:

Sandy damages pier in downtown Ocean City, Md. 
JESSICA GRESKO, Associated Press Published 5:35 p.m., Monday, October 29, 2012

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — Hurricane Sandy did significant damage to a fishing pier in the Maryland beach resort of Ocean City, with heavy surf pounding at the pilings and ripping away part of a longtime structure familiar to residents and visitors.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley said Monday that the pier was "half-gone" as a result of the storm.
The pier was for years frequented by fishermen in town but also attracted visitors who'd stray from the boardwalk to take advantage of the views and close ocean access.

 "You and your family, or your significant other, you'd walk out and you'd get to see the oceanfront — the coastal vista, the lights, the laughter and all that," said former Ocean City Mayor Jim Mathias, who is now a state senator. As a child, he said he and his family would camp out beneath the pier during visits to get shelter from the hot sun.

"Probably 99.99 percent, if not 100 percent of the people that have ever come to Ocean City, have made it to the pier," he said.

The pier, which extends from the southern end of the Boardwalk, is located in an area that had been under a mandatory evacuation order. It a bait and tackle shop on it. After that point, about 100 to 150 feet of the pier is gone.

"It's pretty sad. We've had hurricanes or tropical storms before. I always that it would withstand everything," said Tracy Lind, a front desk worker at the nearby Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites.

 The boardwalk itself, well-known for rides and games, was deserted Monday as rain fell and waves crashed on the beach. Shops that normally sell hot dogs and lemonade, T-shirts and souveniers were closed. An amusement park at the end of the boardwalk was locked.

The only thing moving was the Ferris wheel, which had been stripped of its cars and was slowly turning in the wind. Other rides were motionless, including one called the "Crazy Dance" and another called the "Hurricane." ___

WMUC News 2 p.m. Update:

Brett Hall bears the storm from La Plata Hall, University of Maryland

Sandy closes University of Maryland!

President Loh tweets Monday 5 p.m."
"The University of Maryland, College Park will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, due to Hurricane Sandy. Stay safe and look out for each other."

President Loh tweets Sunday 4:30 p.m.:
"University of Maryland, College Park will be closed tomorrow (Monday) due to Hurricane Sandy. Stay safe." @presidentloh

Register for campus alerts for up-to-date information and safety.
Check back here and with the University of Maryland for more information.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Presidential debate wrap-up

UMD a top entrepreneur school

Does UMD's school spirit measure up?

Midterms come and go, study habits form

New DC art exhibit draws fans

Rt. 1 Apparel's plan to expand

Homecoming week wrap-up

S.E.E. brings haunted house to Hornbake Plaza

DOTS' musical bus driver a hit

Understanding campus crime

Women's soccer practices teamwork on, off Terp field

Bed bugs uncovered

Clothesline Project raises domestic violence awareness

Juke Joint, "important social outlet"

Reporter Brittany Linton attended the Juke Joint hosted by the Nyumburu Cultural Center on Oct. 15.

The Homecoming Comedy Show

After the very successful 2011 Fall Comedy Show with Aziz Ansari, many students wondered if Craig Robinson could have the same success. Reporter and anchor Taylor Cairns has the story.

New Voter Registration System for Maryland

Reporter Katie Ghiardi gets the scoop of Maryland's new and exciting online method of voting.

Are Students Voting?

Reporter Scott Jones gets the scoop on how many Maryland students plan on voting in the upcoming election.

Local Artist Spotlight of the Week: Charlie Wilson

Here is Charlie Wilson's latest song "Esta Soledad/Creep". This is the song that was featured during the newscast today. To check out more songs by this Maryland freshman, go to his official SoundCloud page at:

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