Monday, November 3, 2014

CSPAC Halloween Concert

Kristine Auble tells us about the concert held at CSPAC last Friday that was extra spooky.

Blended Learning Survey

Do you prefer classes in or out of a classroom? Reporter Simone Thomas tells us about what students think about getting a lecture in front of a chalkboard or in front of a computer screen.

The Spread of Meningitis

As reporter Carly Kempler reports, viral meningitis numbers are rising on campus, so how can you keep safe?

Changes To Sexual Assault Policy

Multiple changes to the sexual assault policy include a mandatory online education course that could prevent you from graduating. Reporter Maggie Bartolomeo explains.

Incoming Flu Season

Reporter Cara Newcomer tells us how to prepare for the upcoming flu season as the weather starts to get colder here in College Park.

CARE to Stop Violence

After the new sexual assault policy was implemented, the University of Maryland decided that a new policy wasn't enough to stop sexual violence. Kerrigan Stern reports.

Gas Prices

Reporter Cara Newcomer tells us about how gas prices are going to rise in the upcoming colder months.

Anthony Brown Rally

With the election closing in, democratic candidate and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown turned to his home county of Prince George's county to rally more support. Anna Muckerman reports.

Penn State vs Maryland: Start of a Rivalry?

Maryland came out feisty playing Penn State. Michaela Johnson reports.

Maryland Squirrels

Maryland isn't just famous for it's wild jerseys, colorful fans, and love of testudo. Students will also tell you another animal finds their way into Terps hearts. Michaela Johnson reports.