Friday, October 19, 2012

Homecoming comedy show not so funny after all?

Assistant News Director Taylor Cairns attended the Homecoming Comedy Show hosted by the Student Entertainment Events. He said there was little comedy from Craig Robsinson and a lot of confusion from students.

Email us at with your thoughts about the comedy, or lack there of.

Tune in later for Taylor's play-by-play of the show and students' reactions!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scooters take over campus

Taylor Johnson finds out why scooters are so popular and what the state of Maryland is doing to regulate them.

Local band attempts local success

Ian Bell talks with The Lives to Come about their attempts to become a household name.

Journalism school makes major change to annual conference

Brett Hall asks the journalism dean why the school changed the location of their annual conference.

Student by day, hip hop teacher by night

Jasmine Cruz profiles one young woman who uses her fire and passion to teach hip hop dance classes in between studying. WMUC News.

Baltimore's latest effort to help the homeless

Anastasia Champ reports from Baltimore about the latest project to help fight poverty. WMUC News.

Organic foods: a campus trend?

Maggie Bartolomeo uncovers the availability and trend of organic foods on campus. WMUC News.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Local Artist Spotlight of the Week: Somewhat Superhero

Somewhat Superhero is a band out of Rockville, Md that comprise of 4 band members. They are a well accredited punk-rock band that has played in such venues as 9:30 Club and Recher Theatre. Check out their facebook page at  to find out more about them as well as listen to more music.

Torrey Smith- Katie Ghardi

Reporter Katie Ghardi tells the tragic tale of Torrey Smith's brother, and what Smith did to honor him.

The Effects of Excercising- Scott Jones

Reporter Scott Jones lets University of Maryland students know about some of the most unknown effects from Exercising.